Kadence Child Themes For WordPress

Building and launching your WordPress website has never been easier thanks to Katy’s strategically designed Kadence Child Themes. These themes are beautiful, fast, and completely customizable. Simply purchase your favorite design and update the colors, font, text, and images to match your own brand. (No coding required!)

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    Lee Theme (Kadence)


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    Rae Theme (Kadence)


    The Rae Theme is a custom-designed Kadence child theme that will help you launch your own strategic WordPress website without the tech overwhelm or content confusion.

    Perfect for coaches, content creators, social sellers, freelancers, and service-based business owners who want their website to perform well, look professional, and do all of the heavy lifting for them!

    Requirements: This theme requires a self-hosted WordPress.org website. This theme also requires a Kadence Bundle (sold separately) to be installed on your site in order for our child theme to work. You do not need to purchase this first though. You can buy this theme then follow the course tutorials & I’ll show you how to set it all up!